Intensive Exam Prep

我们主攻雅思A类、G类培训,小班授课, 以求达到最专、最精;规模可能不大,但通过率可能最高;我们以雅思考试技能要求为导向,采用以英语技巧与英语学习(语法,词汇,句式,结构等) 相结合的方式,避免只重视技巧而根基不牢,基础端与强化端有效结合起来,全面提高学员的听说读写能力。

Want to improve your scores for IELTS in less time? Join an intensive exam prep session and let us show you how! We teach an enhanced study strategy which incorporates vocabulary, grammar and test skill development.

Interactive and focused classes of approx. 3-4 students, maximum 6 students

Note: Sessions are 2 hours each.

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Flexible start dates. Please contact us for the current schedule.

Small group study for enhanced learning!