We offer tailor-made programs, one-on-one instruction, and small group learning sessions. This will provide students the best opportunity to absorb and apply what they are learning.  Learning is extended outside the classroom with expertly designed assignments to further progression in between sessions.


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About Us 师资队伍

我们的老师由雅思考官与中文雅思老师组成的教学团队授课;中文老师为英国名校(排名前3) 英语教育学与管理学双硕士毕业,有着深厚的语言教学与写作功底,主教阅读与写作;外教为有着多年教学经验的雅思考官执教,主教口语和听力;中外教都是TESL Canada 认证,雅思8分或者9分老师,合作教学,扬长避短,力求做的更用心,更专业。

Our instructors have specialized training with IELTS instructors and examiners.  Our primary instructor has both an MBA and English Teaching degree.  Our other instructors are designated with Canadian TEFL or TESL certification.